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All the comments below are from members of our facebook page. 

"There’s been times I’ve worried myself to death but come on here for reassurance. Id never have been brave enough to even think about appealing my pip if it wasn’t for this group and when i start getting cold feet waiting for the day there’s always someone on here to help you.’”

 “ I don't know any of you here but the support I get from it is amazing thank YOU all for creating it . ..I'd still be feeling so alone without it “ 

"I was literally on rock bottom after my assessment MR and tribunal I tried to end it all. I went on to the night time page as I was feeling terrible. I vented my hatred for the system and how ill and depressed it was making me. This was around 2 or 3 am so wasn't expecting anyone on. I just needed to write it all down. What a surprise I got I was inundated with comments. Everyone told me to hang in there as I would have better days. They were so kind and friendly. People who don't know me at all were telling me I was loved and wanted in this fantastic group. I came away about an hour or more after feeling so much better. I LOVE this group they saved me. Without them I do believe I wouldn't be here now. I lost everything to a lying assessor. I'm a pensioner and the stress and worry really took a hold of me. Then admin and other members told me to put in for Attendance Allowance . I was given enhanced and am actually getting more now than I was on dla so please "NEVER EVER" give up fighting for what is rightly yours".

“Great group always get an answer for whatever question you ask even if it sounds stupid” 

“I am currently waiting to hear about my recent PIP review forms that I completed but this group has helped so many of us understand how the whole benefits system works and I am so grateful to everyone involved in the setting up and also the day to day running of this massive group and I would like to say an enormous thank you for the help you all give us day after day whilst no doubt suffering with the same pain and challenges that the rest of us face” 

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