Energy Price rise information and links


 This week (April 1st) the harsh reality hits home. The energy price cap will rise an average 54%, increasing a typical bill to £1,971/year - up £700/year. And it isn't likely to get better, with another hike expected in October.

  1. The price cap doesn't cap the total you pay - it caps the rates you pay. The price cap only applies to standard variable (default) tariffs - though most homes are now on these. The cap is regional and dictates the rates you pay - see the new and old price cap rates (including regional breakdown) and our full how the price cap works info.

  2. Most firms are shifting their rates to the maximum allowed under the cap. As expected, most of the big firms including British Gas, E.on and Scottish Power are hiking their standard tariffs to the max allowed - we've a full supplier-by-supplier round-up.

  3. Martin Lewis's three urgent must-knows before 1 April if you pay for your energy by monthly direct debitNew. Pay energy by direct debit? Martin's 'urgent three things to do now' video, including SHOULD YOU FIX? In Martin's new energy crisis - monthly direct debit help video he explains...

    - Why you should take a meter reading on Thursday Most companies have (extended this to the 9th of April now)
    - Why you should be careful if you're thinking of ditching direct debit
    - And crucially, his best guess on whether you should fix right now

  4. New. Have a prepay meter? Should you be topping up before 1 April? The situation is complex - some can make large savings doing this, others won't. See Martin's prepayment 'top-up trick' video where he talks you through it, alongside his detailed explanation.

  5. Is your energy bill going up by MORE than 54%? Martin's been inundated with questions from those seeing rises far above the price cap hike. So he's recorded a 'Why's your energy bill gone up by over 54%?' video & transcript explaining why and what to do about it.

  6. Struggling to pay? Check out what help is (and isn't) available. Too many people risk the awful choice between heating and eating. Our Energy bills - struggling to pay? guide covers options and where to get help.

  7. The other way to cut bills, is, obviously, to use less. Our energy saving tips help with the simpler stuff, such as turning your thermostat down and adjusting boiler settings. But other ways aren't as clear-cut, such as whether to leave the heating on low all day - we've the pros and cons of this and more in our Energy mythbusting guide.



Martin Lewis: Huge energy price hikes on 1 April – so is now time to fix?