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Struggling with debts? Help IS available.

When you find ourselves having to live on a meagre amount of money it is unfortunalty a fact of life that many of us have debts that will build up as we just don’t have sufficient funds to be able to pay everything. However, you cqant ignore them as that’s how major problems start.

First step will always be to contact the company the debt is with and see if an arrangement can be agreed that is affordable to you, some will ask you to complete an income expenditure form, so they can see how much available money you have for bills after essentials are covered. Generally the form will ask about outgoings such as, but not limited to;

Housing Costs.


Gas Electric

Council Tax

Water Rates

Telephone bills


Animals (food vet bills)


Cleaning equipment

Clothing ETC

Once  these are added up, you should have some money left from income, they deduct the outgoings and the balance is what's left for other non essential bills, they wont ask you to use it all but could expect up to a third..

This is often not possible as many have outgoings the same as income or less which (causes even more problems)


For more help contact;

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