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Daily Living Descriptor 7 – Family & Friends can offer                                    Communication Support

The Upper Tribunal has made an important decision which may help deaf or hard-of-hearing people claiming PIP.

Descriptor 7 says that people who need ‘communication support’ to speak or hear can claim 4 points towards a daily living award of PIP.

Up until now, the DWP has said that you could only claim this if you used professional communication support such as a BSL signer or lip-reading translator. In decision CPIP/1534/2016, however, the Upper Tribunal has said that ‘communication support’ also includes informal help from family and friends who have a good understanding how you speak or hear.

This will help you if you are deaf or hard-of-hearing and your family or friends help you communicate, either by interpreting your speech or helping you understand what you hear. This may amount to communication support and earn you 4 points toward an award of PIP.

This analysis is brought to you by BuDS Benefit Information Project. It is general information only and you should take advice about your specific case.

You can read the full judgement here:


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