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         COMMONLY USED BENEFITS                       ABBREVIATIONS BY Dept of Work &                                 Pensions (DWP)

AA ~~~~~~~~Attendance Allowance

BDO ~~~~~~~Benefit Delivery Office

BDC ~~~~~~~Benefit Delivery Centre.

BEL ~~~~~~~~Benefit Enquiry Line

BL~~~~~~~~~ Budgeting Loan

CA~~~~~~~~~ Carer's Allowance

CAA~~~~~~~~ Constant Attendance Allowance

CAB~~~~~~~~ Citizens Advice Bureaux

CB ~~~~~~~~~Child Benefit

CBEP~~~~~~~ Child Benefit Extension Period

CCG~~~~~~~~ Community Care Grant

CL~~~~~~~~~ Crisis Loan

CLA~~~~~~~~ Community Legal Advice {formerly Community Legal Services. CLS)

CMS~~~~~~~ Customer Management System (DWP system for computerised processing of benefit claims.( Will also be used by LAs for HB/CTB )

CPAG ~~~~~~~Child Poverty Action Group

CPN~~~~~~~~ Community Psychiatric Nurse.

CTC ~~~~~~~~Child Tax Credit

CTB ~~~~~~~~Council Tax Benefit

CWP ~~~~~~~Cold Weather Payment

DBC ~~~~~~~~Disability Benefits Centre

DBU~~~~~~~~ Disability Benefits Unit

DDA~~~~~~~~ Disability Discrimination Act

DEA~~~~~~~~ Disability Employment Advisor

DfES~~~~~~~~ Department for Education and Skills

DHP~~~~~~~~ Discretionary housing payment

DIAL~~~~~~~~ Disability Information and Advice Line

DLA~~~~~~~~ Disability Living Allowance Components are:- ~
                         HRC~~~~ Higher Rate Care
                         MRC~~~~ Middle Rate Care ~
                          LRC ~~~~Lower Rate Care
                          HRM ~~~~Higher Rate Mobility
                          LRM~~~~ Lower Rate Mobility

DH ~~~~~~~~Disability Handbook (used by DM's and tribunal members to help assess DLA claims)

DM~~~~~~~~ Decision Maker ( formerly Adjudication Officer)

DMG~~~~~~~ Decision Makers Guide

DP ~~~~~~~~~Disability Premium

DQPM~~~~~~ Disability Qualified Panel Member (DLA Tribunals)

DSA ~~~~~~~~Disabled Students' Allowance

DSS ~~~~~~~~Department of Social Security (now DWP)

DWP~~~~~~~ Department of Work and Pensions

EEA~~~~~~~ European Economic Area

EEC ~~~~~~~European Economic Community

EDP~~~~~~~ Enhanced Disability Premium

EMP~~~~~~ Examining Medical Practitioner

ESA~~~~~~~ Employment and Support Allowance ( replaced IB for new claimants from 27 October 2008) ~
With ESA there are two types of allowance.
Contribution based (CB) and Income Based (IB).

FQPM ~~~~~~Financially Qualified Panel Member (Appeals Tribunal, sits only on cases involving overpayment of benefit

GB ~~~~~~~~Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales)

GL24 ~~~~~~The form used if you want to appeal a benefit decision.

GP ~~~~~~~~General Practitioner

HB ~~~~~~~~Housing Benefit

HCP ~~~~~~~Healthcare Professional.

HMRC~~~~~ Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (formerly Inland Revenue)

HRP ~~~~~~~Home Responsibilities Protection

HRT ~~~~~~~Habitual Residence Test

IAP ~~~~~~~Intensive Activity Period

IB50~~~~~~ the form you fill in to assess whether you are incapable of work, for benefit purposes.

IB~~~~~~~~ Incapacity Benefit

IDB~~~~~~~ Industrial Death Benefit

IIDB ~~~~~~~industrial injuries disablement benefit

ILF~~~~~~~~ Independent Living Fund

IR~~~~~~~~ Inland Revenue

IS ~~~~~~~~Income Support

JSA~~~~~~~ Job Seekers Allowance, this is actually 2 benefits, ~
JSAIB ~~~~~~Job Seekers Allowance Income Based (means-tested)
JSACB ~~~~~~Jobs Seekers Allowance Contribution Based (based on NI Record).

LIMA ~~~~~~Logic Integrated Medical Assessment ( a computer based medical for IB claimants used by Atos doctors and other health care professionals who do medicals e.g. nurses)

LQPM~~~~~~ Legally Qualified Panel Member (Appeal Tribunals, would be the panel chairman)

MA ~~~~~~~~Maternity Allowance MSE Mental State Examination MQPM Medically Qualified Panel Member (Appeal Tribunals)

NHS~~~~~~~ National Health Service

NI ~~~~~~~~~National Insurance

NIC~~~~~~~~ National Insurance Contributions

NINO ~~~~~~National Insurance Number

PAYE ~~~~~~~Pay as you earn

PC ~~~~~~~~Pension Credit, there are 2 parts to this, ~
PCSC~~~~~~ Pension Credit Savings Credit
PCGC~~~~~~ Pension Credit Guarantee Credit (basically IS for the over 60s)

PCA ~~~~~~~Personal Capability Assessment

PIW~~~~~~~ Period of Incapacity for Work

PO ~~~~~~~~Presenting Officer (the DM who attends a tribunal, if one does attend, they don't always)

PS~~~~~~~~ Pension Service

RA~~~~~~~~ Retirement Allowance

REA~~~~~~~ Reduced Earnings Allowance

Reg~~~~~~~ Regulation in a set of Regulations

RPP~~~~~~~ Right Payments Programme

S2P ~~~~~~~Second State Pension

SP ~~~~~~~~State Pension

SDA ~~~~~~~Severe Disablement Allowance

SDP ~~~~~~~Severe Disability Premium

SERPS~~~~~ State Earnings Related Pension Scheme

SF ~~~~~~~~Social Fund

SOR ~~~~~~~Statement Of Reasons (Detailed Information on how a benefits decision was reached)

SAP ~~~~~~~Statutory Adoption Pay

SMP ~~~~~~Statutory Maternity Pay

SPP ~~~~~~~Statutory Paternity Pay

SSP ~~~~~~~Statutory Sick Pay

TS ~~~~~~~Tribunals Service

UK ~~~~~~~United Kingdom (Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man)

WCA ~~~~~Work Capability Assessment (replaces PCA for ESA Claimants)

WFP ~~~~~Winter Fuel Payment

WRA ~~~~~Work Related Activity. (Training, education, work placements and health improvement tasks,which will be part of the ESA claim conditions for most claimants)

WRAC~~~~~ Work-related activity component.

WRAG~~~~~ Work-related activity group.

WRO/A ~~~~Welfare Rights Officer or Adviser.

WTC ~~~~~~Working Tax Credit

WP~~~~~~~ Widows Pension

WPA ~~~~~~~Widowed Parent's Allowance

Service Personnel and Veteran Agency Terms: (formerly Veteran's Agency)

SPVA ~~~~~~Service Personnel and Veterans Agency (formerly known as VA Veterans Agency)

WPS -~~~~~ War Pension Scheme

WP - ~~~~~~War Pension(er) or

WDP -~~~~~ War Disablement Pension(er)

VA&PC -~~~~ Veterans Advisory & Pensions Committee

WPMS -~~~~ War Pensioners Mobility Supplement

WPCAA -~~~~ War Pensioners Constant Attendance Allowance

ALSO -~~~~~~ Allowance for Lowered Standard of Occupation

UNSUPP -~~~~ Unemployability Supplement

CA -~~~~~~~~ Comforts Allowance or Clothing Allowance

ESDA -~~~~~~ Exceptionally Severe Disability Allowance

SDOA -~~~~~ Severe Disablement Occupational Allowance

AA - ~~~~~~~Age Allowance

TA -~~~~~~~ Treatment Allowance

PtTA-~~~~~~ Part-time Treatment Allowance

1stTT -~~~~~ First Tier Tribunal

WW -~~~~~~ War Widow(er)

AFPS75 -~~~~ Armed Forces Pension Scheme 1975

AFPS05 -~~~~ Armed Forces Pension Scheme 2005

AFCS -~~~~~ Armed Forces Compensation Scheme

GIP- ~~~~~~Guaranteed income Payment

PIC -~~~~~~ Principal Invaliding Condition

SIP -~~~~~~ Service invaliding Pension

SAP -~~~~~~ Service Attributable Pension

DAP -~~~~~~ Discretionary Awards Panel

DAAP -~~~~~ Discretionary Awards Appeal Panel

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