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Claim Benefits? Then Bank Charges are                                          Unlawful

"As a retired Bank Manager I can confirm that the information Kathy posted is correct and you can put s stop to your benefits being used for charges etc. The problem comes with communicating this to your bank and, consequently, the automated systems that apply charges etc.
My advice is to try to talk to someone face to face if at all possible. Banks have to abide by the Equality Act so ask for a face to face appointment, take a friend/witness, make it clear you will not let it drop. Take a copy of the file on here. If still no joy then write to the Chief Executive's office and copy in your MP. In my experience you get further if you ask to reduce the overdraft by small increments every week/month, even if it's just £1-£2 . Always wise too, to open a "parachute" account elsewhere. If push comes to shove you can start again and deal with the debt separately. I hope this helps."

 This needs spreading far and wide.
~Did you know that Section 187 of the Social Security Administration Act 1992 There is an Act of Parliament which over-rides banks taking charges from your account if you are in receipt of any of the following benefits.
• Income Support
•Tax Credits
• Child Benefit
• Job seekers allowance
• Incapacity benefit
• Disability living allowance
• Attendance Allowance
• CSA payments
• Other DWP payments, i.e. PIP


These social security benefits are granted to stop hardship and are designed to meet basic day to day needs, and are exempt and are protected under the Social Security Administration Act 1992 sub section 187. from arrestment in terms of section 187 of the Social Security Administration Act 1992 (see Enforcement of Civil Obligations in Scotland, Scottish Executive report, at paragraph 5.245). Section 45 of the Tax Credits Act 2002 Chapter 21 part 1 is an identical provision to the said section 187 of the 1992 Act.
This stipulates that the banks can not apply any charges to money received as benefit, and any such charges are unlawful and therefore disallowed. If you have any bank charges and in receipt of these benefits - write to your bank asking for your charges back.

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