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DWP home visits to help with forms/Sign you on JSA/ copy sick notes..

Did you know that DWP has a home visiting service?

They keep it a closely-guarded secret (there’s nothing on their website) but officially you can ask for someone to come to your home and do anything that you would normally be able to do at a JobCentre, including filling in paper forms, signing on, handing in or copying sick notes and documents, and having work-focused interviews.

This hidden service is more prominent now, because the DWP have said in Parliament that any disabled person who finds it hard to get to their local JobCentre can ring up and request a visit from the Home Visit Team.

You can read the speech here:

If you would like to try to use this service, ask your local JobCentre for their local Home Visiting Team to contact you to arrange a visit. Remember to stress that you are a disabled person! Good luck.


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