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Welcome to our website. We hope this new resource will assist you with your benefit queries and provide valuable information and resources  all in one place.  

A1 was started by 3 ladies Kathy, Trish & Pauline in July 2016 and later joined by Chrissy. Whilst there were a number of similar groups no one specialised in mental health or hidden illnesses (though we do help anyone struggling with the benefits system) with a background of managing groups, mental health and benefits. The Facebook page has gained a reputation as an honest, impartial, supportive and informative group.  We currently have over 24,000 members

We are here to provide impartial advice to anyone going through the system. Any information given will have been checked thoroughly and verified as fact. If we for any reason are unable to answer your questions we will research and find the answers for you.

We are not Professional advisors, just people like you who have fought or are fighting the system. We are happy to offer support and advice in a safe and friendly environment. We have the help of a professional benefits advisors within the group who help to keep us up to date with new rules and procedures. As well as Upper Tribunal decisions relating to benefits claims. 

All of the admin team have, or are going through the system themselves, so we understand just how stressful it can be, and how lonely it can make you feel. We also offer companionship and friendship  in our friendship group.  We started as an advice group, and have grown into a safe, friendly community, where members and admin alike help and care for each other.

We look forward to getting to know you, and helping you with your claims

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